A ray of light: Cadre’s One Another Living Guide

In an amazing experiment, scientists set out to test an animal’s survival instincts. The scientists dropped a rat into a large jar of water that had been placed in complete darkness. They wanted to see how long the animal would continue to swim before it finally gave up and allowed itself to drown. What did they find? That the rat usually lasted little more than three minutes in complete darkness.

Then the scientists dropped another rat into the same kind of water-filled jar. But instead of putting it in total darkness, they allowed one tiny ray of light to shine onto the jar. Under those conditions, the rat kept swimming for 36 hours! That’s over 700 times longer! It seems that because the animal had a ray of hope, it continued to swim!

A ray of light

God wants YOU to be that ray of hope and light to the people “swimming” in your sphere of influence. That includes the people in your everyday life: at work, home, school, church and your neighborhood.

But where do you start?

Cadre’s newly updated, revised, and expanded One Another Living Guide

This is your guide for a journey through 25 life-changing “one another” verses from the Bible (i.e. love one another, pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens). It’s a pocket-sized booklet of biblical challenges that help you and your friends inflow the love of God into your lives—and then helps you overflow God’s love into your everyday relationships in practical ways.

Each “one another” study challenges you to express God’s love to others in a practical way. This guide is perfect for families, small groups, discipleship groups, Sunday school classes, elder’s meetings, staff meetings, disciplemaking learning communities, mission trip teams, and even your marriage.

What might God be able to do in your daily relationships if you dared to be a ray of light to the people around you? I dare you to find out.

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If you host Cadre’s Ministry Is Relationships training experience, each person will receive the newly updated, revised, and expanded One Another Living Guide.

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The real test of what happens during church…

 Here’s some Cadre help for living a love-God-love-people-make-disciplemakers way of life together after church…

one another guide

The One Another Living Guide

disciplemaker's living guide

The Disciplemaker’s Living Guide

john 3:16 living guide

The John 3:16 Factor Living Guide

Using any of these living guides is as simple as this…

  • Open the living guide.
  • Open your Bibles and read the Scriptures and their contexts.
  • Wrestle the Scriptures and the questions one by one with a heart to know and love God.
  • Pray the Disciplemaker’s Prayer together (it’s in the living guide).

You’re probably doing it right when your study together leads to more questions and deeper conversations about applying what you’re learning together.

7 Ways to Use These Living Guides

1. Sunday School:
Use the any of these living guides for the first 10-15 minutes of each class for discussion and prayer together for 25 Sundays. Or take your time walking slowly through the living guide the entire Sunday school class. If you read the context of each of the passages listed and give plenty of time for discussion, interaction, and prayer, it will easily fill your Sunday school hour. We’ve seen both of these approaches work great in a Sunday school setting. Get each member of your Sunday school class his/her own living guide and you’ll still have the most inexpensive Sunday school ever.
2. Small Groups:
These living guides are great for small groups to live out a disciplemaking way of lifetogether. By wrestling Scripture together, you and your friends have an opportunity to own disciplemaking like Jesus at the conviction level rather than just at the idea level. (And, oh, there is a major difference between those two!) This wrestling Scripture together in community (a.k.a., havering) is a critically important step in transforming friendships intodisciplemaking friendships.
3. With Volunteers and Students:
Use the any of these living guides to help your adult volunteer leaders and student volunteer leaders grasp and own the value of disciplemaking friendships as the conduit for gospel ministry.
4. Retreats:
These living guides are great for summer camp or fall or winter retreat experience. Cadre offers a four-session training experience that goes with each one of these living guides-and they work great in a retreat setting. Each person would get a living guide.
5. Family Discussions:
It can be as a simple and spontaneous as a 5-10 minute discussion via the questions in the living guide after dinner one night a week. If you have a long drive together, use the car time to wrestle a study or two together. Consider doing a family night using this living guide to explore what it looks like to live a disciplemaking way of life together. Then invite other families to share this living guide experience.
6. Starting Meetings:

Instead of just starting meetings in prayer, take 15 minutes to have people get into pairs and work through one of the 25 studies/adventures. This will drip essential disciplemaking values into your elder, staff, and team meetings throughout the year.

7. Mission Trips:
Make any one of these living guides the team devotional for your next missions trip. Since you’re all on a missions trip, why not use it together each day? 8. Can YOU think of another way to use these living guides in your life and ministry? We bet you can!


To get yours now, go here. Each living guide is also sold individually.