Why church matters: a lesson in weology

 It’s theologically incorrect to say, “All you need is God.” When we say this, we’re forgetting our weology.

What’s weology?

In the perfect world God created before sin, God saw one man surrounded by flawless paradise on all sides and said, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18)

What? How can that be?

God was in community with himself (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). But at this point in the narrative, Adam was not in community with another human being as God designed. Yes, Adam had an intimate relationship with God. It was unhindered by sin at this point, and undoubtedly he enjoyed God’s awesome creation. But he didn’t have another human being “suitable” with whom he could live in community. So God declared it was “not good.”

Then God made Adam a friend, a partner, and, yes, a lover.

But don’t check out yet.

This post is NOT about marriage.

A photo by Sidharth Bhatia. unsplash.com/photos/YbRd8Qqem_Y

It’s about our God-given need for human community. (Think about it. It’s possible to be married and not live in real community with each other. It’s also possible to be single and enjoy living in true community with others.)

I believe the first two chapters of the Bible show us clearly that God craves for us to be in community with him and with each other.

God himself doesn’t think that we only need him.

This is why I contend that it’s theologically incorrect to say, “All you need is God.” The biblical truth is: We need God and each other. Good theology is weology.

And that’s just one reason why church matters.

Want to turn your friendships into disciplemaking friendships?

Free audio: Why and how to encourage your pastor(s)

It’s October.

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month.

Of course the problem here is the word “month.”

Really? We’re only going to encourage our pastors for a month? The other eleven months we can suck the life out of them?

We can do better. Way better.

If you’d like to be an encouragement to your pastor(s) all year long—and God knows your pastor(s) REALLY need it all year long—then this FREE audio is for you.

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Here’s another crazy idea: You could gather with a small group of friends from church and slowly walk through the above booklet—seeking to apply what you learn—together.

You’re thinking: “Yeah, someone should start that group.”

Is that someone you?

Here’s WHY you should do it…

Because most of us have a set of expectations for our pastor(s) (some biblical and some not so biblical). But I’d bet you’ve never seriously studied what the Bible says about what God expects from you concerning your pastor(s).

That seems strangely one way to me. Especially when I know so many pastors who are deeply discouraged and desperately in need of encouragement.

Dream with me for a minute:

Imagine a small group of friends meeting together to discover and put into practice seven biblical ways to encourage their pastor(s). When’s the last time you’ve heard of a group like that? Let’s be honest. Most of the time we hear about a small group of people who gather to complain about their pastor(s).

With God’s help, you can change this.

It all starts with one person who cares enough to do something. Is that person you?

What are you waiting for?

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