Cadre’s Twelve Days of Christmas for Disciplemaker’s like YOU!

Celebrate Twelve Days with Cadre Missionaries.Day One: Christmas Day. Cadre Digital Living Guides from the iBookstore for iPads, Computers and iPhones for only .99 cents. NEW. These tools just hit the iBookstore in their enhanced made for iBooks formats. You’ll be able to carry with you on your phone, iPad or computer these effective Disciplemaker’s Tools: The Disciplemaker’s Living Guide and the One Another Living Guide.

Day Two: Free Digital PDF edition of Volunteer Dialogue 2. What’s the difference between Speaking, Teaching, Preach and Training?

Day Three: Save $6 on your digital iBookstore edition of Recruiting, Motivating and Retaining Volunteers. Grab your copy for only $6.99

Day Four: Fuel your prayerfulness while you save $1.50 plus get free shipping on your set of 10 Disciplemaker’s Prayer Cards for study plus 10 wallet sized cards.

Day Five: Save $4 and pick up your copy of Encourage Your Pastor for only .99 cents. This made for iBooks digital resource works with your iPhone, iPad or computer.

Day Six: Free Digital copy of Big God, small problems: A disciplemaker’s walk with Nehemiah. This made for iBooks digital resource works with your iPhone, iPad or computer and comes with bonus audio segments to prompt your havering.

Day Seven: Save $6 on your digital iBookstore edition of the Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead (Helping Volunteers and Teams to Live & Support Disciplemaking). Grab your copy for only $6.99. This digital edition includes four bonus equipping audios with Bill Allison.

Day Eight: Save $13 and Getaway like Jesus for only $1.99. This digital PDF edition works with Kindle, iBooks, PDF screen readers.

Day Nine: Get your free copy of Volunteer Training Dialogue #1: Training Like-Jesus Makes all the Difference. This digital PDF edition works with Kindle, iBooks, PDF screen readers.

Day Ten: Free Email From Hell Episode: IDENTITY THEFT. Enjoy this dramatic audio and study sheet pdf to help you understand Satan’s strategy to steal your Spiritual Identity. Save $4.99.

Day Eleven: Free digital audio: How Personal Growth Can Move You from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Save $4.99.

Day Twelve: Free PDF training article from the Disciplemaker’s Guide Chapter 1: Why Volunteers Can Change the World. Save $1.99.

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What’s your leadership PQ?

We read a lot about a leaders EQ — Emotional Intelligence. Or about the giftedness of leaders and their IQ — Intelligence. But I want to challenge you to grow your PQ!

Your prayerfulness as a leader is directly linked to your dependence upon God with the kavanah of his presence, active power and our all-in-obedience. This leads to the way you will lead in all contexts of life. What’s your Prayerfulness Quotient as you lead as a parent? As a friend? As a co-worker? As an employer?

I’ve got a suggestion to help you grow in your PQ? It’s where I learned the most about my leading with a high Prayer Quotient. Those lessons came from taking time to watch with Nehemiah. I journaled the lessons and discovered that when Nehemiah didn’t know what to do his first response wasn’t strategy. It wasn’t resources. It was prayerfulness. This insight wrecked me. It aligned me. It focused me. When I lead at home, work or in life I need to yield to God’s plans not drive my own. I know this is counter to our western view of leadership, but if I lead my way, I get my outcome. If I lead out of the Kavanah of God’s power & presence the potential becomes transformational as it’s fueled by a growing PQ.

Let me introduce you to Cadre’s “BIG GOD, small problems. small god. BIG PROBLEMS.” It’s a Kavanah journey into understanding leading with a God-sized PQ! This study for disciplemaking friends is available in print, reader’s pdf for kindle or as an interactive digital book make for iBooks.


NEHEMIAH. Was it his leadership that calls us to study him? Maybe, but that’s not what makes him one of the most memorable volunteer leaders in the history of the church. In reality, it is Nehemiah’s understanding of God that makes him so worth studying!

Particularly fascinating are a series of belief statements that reveal what Nehemiah believed to be true about our God. If these statements are true (and I believe you’ll discover that they are) then we can learn to live our life as evidence of the active presence of a loving and active God.

Getting to know God through the eyes and heart of Nehemiah can transform:

• your day at work or school,

• your time with family and friends,

• your role as a leader in your community,

• your role as a leader in your church’s mission.

We challenge you to take ownership of Nehemiah’s BIG view of God as you take your small daily steps of faith. Let God reveals himself as active and present in your family, friendships, career and calling. As you align with a biblical Big God understanding this way of thinking will change how you live.


small god—BIG PROBLEMS! BIG GOD—small problems!

Dave Garda
Cadre Missionary for Disciplemaking Friendships

P.S. We’ve included optional companion audio segments that are drawn from messages or retreats I’ve led to help leaders own Big God convictions. I invite you to use these tracks as a prompt for the background and concepts contained in the Big God, small problems study. The audio segments range from 1 to 11 minutes in length.


If you have iBooks on your mac, iPad or iPhone you can download a digital sample or purchase the entire study for you, friends, family or your small group.

I promise that you’ll grow your leadership PQ!


To download samples or purchase Cadre interactive digital books on the iBookstore visit: Cadre-i-Books

  1. The One Another Living Guide with Bonus Small Group, Friend & Family experiences.
  2. The Disciplemaker’s Living Guide with Bonus deeper study glossary.
  3. The Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead.
  4. RMR for Recruiting, Motivating & Retaining Volunteers.
  5. The Disciplemaker’s Journal: Cadre’s Original Edition for Disciplemaker’s.
  6. Big God, Small Problems. Nehemiah.
  7. Seven Biblical Ways God Wants you to Encourage Your Pastor.



Want To Read The New Testament With Your Cadre Friends?

Cadre’s 2018 read with friends covers the New Testament 2x.

Have you ever wondered what a chronological New Testament would look like? Or how the Gospels describe the same event with different words and perspective? If so, this reading plan is for you. It’s impossible to state exactly in what order everything happened but this is an attempt and we hope it will bring new light to the eternal story of Jesus Christ.

Search YouVersion plans for “NT CHRONOLOGICAL.”

We personally value and gain a lot of joy from reading with friends who share disciplemaking lives. During the first half of the year (182 days) we’ll read thru the New Testament to observe How Jesus’ Kavanah priorities and relationships spread through-out the New Testament adventure. We’ll read to gain insights on the life we should live with our friends and family. For the second half of the year (182 days) we’ll go deeper as we re-read the New Testament digging into the relationship of prayerfulness in our relationship with God, friends and family. To make it easy to follow along and also to share what you’re learning we utilize the reading plan feature of the FREE Bible App by YouVersion.

We’ll start the read in January, but we invite new friends to jump in along the way. Wherever we are in the sequence we invite you to begin where we are and read with us. 

Want to read with us? Simple click the link below to let us know and the reply will provide you with the link you’ll need to jump in an read with us.

I’m in! Go to the NT CHRONOLOGICAL PLAN in your YouVersion app and invite a Cadre Missionary to be your friend. We’ll link you into our friends list as we read and share insights together — Bill Allison, Dave Garda, Rennie Garda, Laura Slezak, Mark Obrien and Rachel Obrien.

Go Deeper Bonus. If you want to jump into one of our online Haver Groups we have two via Facebook. Both are private groups that require approval to join.

Email to join our All Things Disciplemaking group. 

Email to join our dialogue group titled, The Route 66 Journey for Disciplemaking Friends.

Got questions? Ask away:

LOGIN to our FRIENDS OF CADRE Webpages to explore this and more ways to walk together with your Cadre Missionaries.

A ray of light: Cadre’s One Another Living Guide

In an amazing experiment, scientists set out to test an animal’s survival instincts. The scientists dropped a rat into a large jar of water that had been placed in complete darkness. They wanted to see how long the animal would continue to swim before it finally gave up and allowed itself to drown. What did they find? That the rat usually lasted little more than three minutes in complete darkness.

Then the scientists dropped another rat into the same kind of water-filled jar. But instead of putting it in total darkness, they allowed one tiny ray of light to shine onto the jar. Under those conditions, the rat kept swimming for 36 hours! That’s over 700 times longer! It seems that because the animal had a ray of hope, it continued to swim!

A ray of light

God wants YOU to be that ray of hope and light to the people “swimming” in your sphere of influence. That includes the people in your everyday life: at work, home, school, church and your neighborhood.

But where do you start?

Cadre’s newly updated, revised, and expanded One Another Living Guide

This is your guide for a journey through 25 life-changing “one another” verses from the Bible (i.e. love one another, pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens). It’s a pocket-sized booklet of biblical challenges that help you and your friends inflow the love of God into your lives—and then helps you overflow God’s love into your everyday relationships in practical ways.

Each “one another” study challenges you to express God’s love to others in a practical way. This guide is perfect for families, small groups, discipleship groups, Sunday school classes, elder’s meetings, staff meetings, disciplemaking learning communities, mission trip teams, and even your marriage.

What might God be able to do in your daily relationships if you dared to be a ray of light to the people around you? I dare you to find out.

View sample pages and order on the Cadre site.

If you host Cadre’s Ministry Is Relationships training experience, each person will receive the newly updated, revised, and expanded One Another Living Guide.

Find out how to bring a Ministry Is Relationships training experience to your ministry.


Title: Seldom Resist the Urge to Be Generous. It’s Probably Not the Devil.

When I was about 20-years-old and in Bible college, I took a rare weekend to head home to visit family and friends. Most weekends for me at this time were given over to my job. I paid my own way through Bible college by working every hour I could. And when I wasn’t working, I was studying. Unlike my high school years, I was determined to put forth my best academic effort.
Being home that weekend with my mom and my friends from church was a joy and a much-needed encouragement to my soul.
On Sunday at church, as the offering plate was being passed around the congregation, I got a clear prompting from God to give. As a poor college kid, I often let myself off the hook on giving. But this time—in response to the nudging—I looked into my wallet.
I saw one very lonely $5 bill. 
And I was well aware of the fact that I needed that $5 for gas to get back to school.
What to do?
As the offering plate made its way around the congregation toward me, my struggle intensified. I tried to logic my way out of God’s nudging. (You ever do that?) And just when I assured myself that God would want me to keep that $5—the offering plate passed by and I did something crazy: I tossed that $5 into the plate.
I was filled with exhilaration… and fear.
Sure, I did what I sensed God wanted me to do. But now I had another problem. And that was all I could actually think about during the rest of the church service.
When the church serviced ended, I was approached by a gentle giant of a man with short pure white hair and a warm smile on his bright yet wrinkled face. It was my friend, Alfred Huggins. He put out his hand to shake mine. When I shook his hand, he stealthily put something into my hand without anyone else noticing. Al winked at me.
I looked down into my hand, and there was a $5 bill.

This true story is a perfect picture of what our lives have been like for the last 15 years as disciplemaking missionaries with Cadre.

This September 2017 marks the 15th birthday/anniversary of Cadre Missionaries!
For 15 years, God and YOU have made it possible for us, as Cadre missionaries, to multiply Jesus-like disciplemaking here and around the world.
From our hearts to yours, thank you!
If you love Cadre missionaries and our disciplemaking mission, we invite you to be God’s wind in our sails.
Cadre Missionary Anniversary Gift
In honor of our 15th birthday, would you please prayerfully consider donating a special gift of $15?
Those of you who know us know that we don’t often ask for financial support like this. However, on our 15th anniversary as a ministry, we need your $ help, so we’re asking God’s people—like you—to join us in this disciplemaking adventure. Each gift is a huge encouragement, much needed, and greatly appreciated. Because Cadre seeks to make disciplemakers, only Heaven will reveal the full impact of your partnership.
BONUS: The first 100 people to give $15 (or more) will receive a special edition Cadre Missionaries Prayer Coaster (see picture). Plus the first $1500 given will be matched, so with your generosity you can help us turn the first $1500 into $3000.

Challenge: We’d love to see 500 of our closest friends respond with a special gift. That would bless Cadre with $9,000 much-needed dollars ($7,500 plus $1,500 matching gift).
If you’ve never financially supported Cadre Missionaries before, this would be a great first step. If you’re already a $ partner with God and Cadre, then please prayerfully consider generously giving an additional $15 this month.
In a ministry like ours, every dollar makes a huge difference. Each gift—no matter the size—is a huge encouragement, much needed, and greatly appreciated.
Because Cadre seeks to make disciplemakers, only Heaven will reveal the full impact of your partnership.
We are your Cadre missionaries. Thank you for celebrating 15 years of Jesus-like disciplemaking with us and to God be the glory!
Bill Allison
Executive Director
Cadre Missionaries
* Mail a check: Cadre Missionaries, PO Box 278, Sycamore, IL 60178
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* For questions and more info, please call Rennie at 815.501.3132.
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